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About Me

Hello, I’m John. I am a freelance PHP developer and digital marketing specialist with over ten years of commercial experience in everything from brochure websites to eCommerce, Software as a Service (SaaS) online applications and small enterprise management systems. I work remotely from my studio in Taunton, UK.

Previous examples of work

I have been lucky enough to work with some great companies, from startups to scale-ups and even some larger SMBs. During that time I have built some pretty interesting web applications including:

  • A crowdfunding platform that processed over £100 million in direct debit and credit card transactions in one year, providing growth-funding for over 300 small businesses throughout the UK.
  • An online property rentals platform that actively advertised and processed enquiries for up to 1500 properties a month. The same platform also provided end-to-end tenancy creation and management for thousands of landlords each year.
  • An insurance quote engine used by a group of companies to quote and provide cover for thousands of tradespeople around the UK, offering several insurance products and combining over 30 risk factors to provide a unique quote for every customer.
  • A Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that imported and aggregated pricing data for over 1 million used car sale prices each day, used to provide accurate vehicle pricing based on similar vehicles and price trends over time.
  • Consulted on and then implemented improved developer workflows for a UK growth-stage company, introducing local development builds, implementing continuous integration pipelines, and designed a zero-downtime deployment platform to ship code to staging and production environments.

Technologies that I work with

As a developer I mainly work in PHP with a particular passion for building web applications on the Laravel framework, although I also specialise in working on and modernising legacy PHP applications. Here are just some of the frameworks and technologies I use:

What can I build for you?

I am always looking for interesting projects to work on. I have worked with startups, scale-ups, and larger companies for both hands-on development and consulting roles. Here are some of the types of projects that I have a particularly good knowledge of:

  • Re-architecting legacy PHP applications: If you have an older PHP application (over 3 years) or a system that was previously built off-shore or by contractors, you may be considering your options for maintaining that system. I can help evaluate your current application and give guidance on how best to either maintain or re-write the system using modern PHP methodologies and best practices.
  • Maintaining older applications: Laravel and Symfony are the big names in town, but there are still loads of working CodeIgniter and Yii applications in the wild. It isn't easy finding a more experienced developer who understands how these frameworks were designed, I can help you.
  • Scaling existing applications: As traffic increases to your web application, you will eventually need more servers. With proper planning and re-working the application to support multi-server setups, I have adapted applications to run automatically and seamlessly scale to over 150 servers in a cloud-based configuration.
  • Improved Developer Workflows: You might already have a team in place, but you want to get a better handle on local development and deploying your code? I have built many development and deployment processes that allow you to reliably and confidently ship code without having to work late nights and weekends. I have worked in teams where we were able to ship to production with zero-downtime, enabling us to ship upwards of 30 code changes a day during working hours.

With all projects, I take a pragmatic and evidence-based approach. I will work with the business to ensure the correct project is built at the correct time, to ensure the desired outcome. If I don't know what that correct path looks like, I will be up-front and honest, and do whatever I can to find someone who can help if required.

Available to Hire

I am currently available to hire for one-off projects and on-going contract work (1-5 days a week). I am a remote worker based in Taunton, Somerset working from my studio, although I am also able to attend on-site meetings as required (expenses paid). I would be more than happy to discuss any requirements you might have, so please give me a call or send an email to see what I can do for you.