John Blackmore

Software Architect, PHP Developer & Laravel Advocate. Coffee Addict, Drone Enthusiast. Based in Taunton, UK. Available for Freelance Work.


Hi I'm John, although many people know me as just 'JB'. I'm a software developer based in Taunton, South-West England. By day I work on PHP web applications as a developer and systems architect. I am also available to hire to work on a freelance basis in a consultant or developer capacity.

I have nearly 10 years of commercial experience building web applications in PHP, Python and Java. I have a keen interest in building clean code and my niche is working with legacy PHP systems, refactoring, and introducing Modern PHP. In my spare time I fly quadcopters (drones), tinker with Arduino and code on Raspberry Pis.

I've not got a lot more to say at the moment. This site is mostly a scratchpad for my own thoughts and consists primarily of links to articles and projects that I find interesting.

Thanks for visiting!